1987 Ford F150 4×4 302cu electrical problem?

I got this truck on a trade and the previous owner did not tell me what all was wrong with the truck. Come to find out there were quiet a few problems. The major ones were these- He had put on a home made lift kit that had very unsafe driving control. I had to install a complete front end with a new 6 inch lift kit. Next i found out that the rear brake line was cracked in 3 places. After replacing the line, I checked the rear brakes to find the driver side rear brakes in pieces. I replaced them. After more minor repairs, I was able to drive the truck. This is when I discovered the real big problem. The engine will run for about 30 minutes, more or less, but not more than 45 minutes and then the motor will stop running. It wont start up again until it cools off. So far I have replaced these parts- oxygen sensor- film module or TFI module – pick-up module – ignition coil – I cleaned the idle air control valve (IAC) – PCM – {computer} – exterior fuel pump – fuel filter – fuel pressure regulator – fuel pump relay – in-tank fuel pump in front tank (only front tank is useable, the rear tank has a hole in it and cant be used) – throttle position sensor – distributor – spark plugs – inertia switch – brake booster. I took the truck to a Ford dealer (McCombs) and all they told me was that i had good tires good brakes and a good battery. Afterwards, I took the truck to a Firestone dealer and they said it was a fuel problem but after replacing two pumps they changed their minds and concluded that it was an electrical problem but could not find or pinpoint the problem. I have tried other repair shops but no solution. One more thing. Sometimes after the engine stalls it will start right back up, if not I have to wait until the engine cools off and it will start and run for another 30 minutes. I dont know if it makes any difference, but the a couple of the repairmen told me that the truck was in an accident and was changed from a standard transmission to an automatic trans. I really hope that someone can help me find the problem. THANKS.

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2 Responses to 1987 Ford F150 4×4 302cu electrical problem?

  1. mustanger May 27, 2010 at 2:23 pm #

    Too long to wade through. Ask a question. Don’t write a book.

  2. Satch May 27, 2010 at 2:23 pm #

    Go to a junk yard and get a computer.