1989 toyota 22re 4×4 truck crossing creek?

i have a 1989 toyota truck 22re while crossin creek the truck starts to sputter. i have changed distributor cap, spark plug wires and also have put plastic bag over distributor. ihave got a water hose and sprayed the engine to find out what is causing the sputter.but i cant get it to skip a beat.the water is not that high not over the tires .thanks please help!
i have crossed this creek many times and so has my friends with simler trucks mine is the only one doing it. it seems to do it on the way back through the creek when i get close to the other side. thanks for the answer.

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One Response to 1989 toyota 22re 4×4 truck crossing creek?

  1. revansbane May 15, 2010 at 12:02 am #

    Its your exhaust pipe running out the back. When you cross the creek water sucks in to the pipe causing the truck to sputter. Has nothing to do with your engine.
    If you run through creeks alot you can get a safari kit and run your exhaust up the side of the truck so water cant get in.
    Watch Tomb Raider, look at the silver jeep. That is equipped with one.