2000" Gmc Jimmy Suv 6cyl 4×4…..No Reverse ?

Have a 2000" Gmc Jimmy suv 6cyl 4×4 auto 89k miles

Everthing has been fine with this truck…Untill

This morning Started it for work & Had No Reverse ?

Has No Reverse..You can hear something spinning in Tranny (in reverse nuetral & park)

Is transmission Shot, Blown or possibly something Broke Internally ?

Any advice is helpfull
Still drives Foward 1,2 3rd Gear Shift Fine ?

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One Response to 2000" Gmc Jimmy Suv 6cyl 4×4…..No Reverse ?

  1. kb9pvj August 12, 2010 at 7:53 pm #

    Yes, you will need a transmission rebuild and or a replacement. This is quite common on these vehicles as the SUN gear fails in the transmission. The transmission is currently in "limp home" mode. Expect to pay about $1500 or less to have the work done. Regrets.