2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee: Window Regulator Problems?

I think I'm just UNLUCKY…I had my right front window regulator replaced but still the window glass is sticking out or not properly placed…not working….the left front window regular is completely out of order..I refused to get it fixed from the corrupt dealers 'cause they charge way too much…If I buy like from eBay the result would be awful since the regulators they're selling are refurbished and it has great tendency to break again and again. SO what do i do? I have both my front windows closed FOREVER since i Cant get it fixed…

This particular model of jeep has lots of problems…Brakes, Power Windows, Fan, Belt stuttering, Overheating, Abnormal Oil Pressure reading, Check GAGES sign on, Reversing sounds annoying, etc…

If you are having the same problem, then welcome to the club. I love my jeep but I need to get rid of this as soon as I paid it off..I know it sucks..the gas price is going to 5 dollar per gallon

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One Response to 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee: Window Regulator Problems?

  1. Reverend Erik June 1, 2009 at 8:04 am #

    Buy yourself a FSM on cd from ebay. Then check out local junk yards and wholesalemopar.com to get your parts. You may just have lemon, I have none of those problems (except the blend door issue).