2003 dodge dakota sxt off roading?

i just bought this truck and it is a crew cab meaning that it has two doors with a little back seat. It is 2wd. how good will this be for off roading in mudd and stuff with friends. I am also going to put a 3” body lift on it. and put a bunch of other off roading stuff on it. like bigger tires and all that. please give me your opinons. please no comments saying sell your truck to get a 4×4

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One Response to 2003 dodge dakota sxt off roading?

  1. dodge man June 9, 2010 at 7:20 pm #

    it wont go to good in mud ,you,ll wind up getting stuck more in it than you want too,you can add all you want to it but without the 4 wheel drive it just isn’t going to go too good,i got mine stuck in tall grass,so don’t expect too much from it off the road,id mount me a winch on it with a bumper guard,your going to need it,good luck.