4×4 Electrical Wiring Problem?


I am looking at installing a 8l fridge between the seats of my 4×4 ute, as it doesnt have a console. The problem is that i dont know exactly how to wire it up the way i want. I want to install a 12v plug through a rocker switch, so that when the switch is off, the power to the 12v plug is only on when accessories is on with the stereo etc. But i want it so that when the switch is flicked on, the power to the 12v plug is constantly there, whether the key is on or not, and the blue led in the switch is on as well. is this possible? sorry if it is confusing…………..
thanks for any help


2 Responses to 4×4 Electrical Wiring Problem?

  1. bobweb May 16, 2010 at 4:52 am #

    If the new fridge takes more than about 5 Amps, I would run a whole new circuit direct from the car’s battery through its own fuse. Then you need a relay that can carry at least 10 Amps through its contacts assuming that’s the most current you’ll be drawing through the new circuit. Finally, the relay coil will be controlled by both the accessories circuit as well as the new switch as you describe. You need to draw up an electrical schematic showing how the key accessory switch and new switch circuits will control the new relay coil.

  2. Larry May 16, 2010 at 4:52 am #

    Your best bet is to find a power source at your fuse block and find a spot that has power when you just have the accessories on. that way the power is on with accessories and off when you turn off the ignition. Hope this helps out?