4×4 Jeeps: An Original Off-Roader That Will Never Die

Nothing says off-road quite like the jeep. It is the first 4×4 vehicle that was ever made to navigate through the harshest of terrain but still get through. It was the only vehicle other than a tank to actually accomplish that feat. It was so successful, in fact, that its design inspired several military vehicles that were used during World War II.

The original jeep was made to serve as a light reconnaissance vehicle that could navigate through hidden areas so that soldiers would remain undetected while scouting the enemy. That meant traversing back roads and places that weren’t meant to be treaded on by normal vehicles. This challenge was addressed by three companies – Bantam, Willys and Ford, and they eventually merged all three designs to create the legendary design that is still being used even today. This all-new off-road vehicle cruised through war-torn cities, the harshest weather, and extremely uneven terrain. The fact that throughout the years the jeep design has improved on some areas but retained its original design, only means that the tried and tested form of the jeep is as close to perfect as it can be.

The original solid front and rear axle design of its four-wheel-drive train is what gives the jeep its power. They are also known to be very durable and strong, as compared to the separate construction designs incorporated in today’s off-road vehicles. This design also makes it easier to install lift kits available in the aftermarket today, making it the preferred vehicle of choice when considering off-road adventures. The best part is that a good majority of aftermarket parts available today are sold at a reasonable (or sometimes unbelievable) price, especially after rebates have been given for your purchase.

4×4 Jeeps are the main staple in any off-roader’s arsenal today. If you’re considering going off-road yourself, there are a lot of groups out there that you can join, and they’re practically everywhere in the world. These clubs usually have a far and wide reach in the industry, and they can share with you practical tips such as best-priced suppliers, maintenance best practices, and even possibly acquiring second-hand jeeps at a lower price. Some clubs even sponsor and organize a lot of off-road events aimed specifically at showcasing what their jeeps can do, such as off-road racing in the Mojave desert, or in outing events such as in Cheshire or Wiltshire.

If you want to step it up a notch, you can even go professional and earn from your passion. There are several world-wide racing events that really allow serious competitors to take part in racing events that normally span several days and really not only the durability and reliability of your vehicle, but also your knowledge and ability to handle your jeep.

The off-road design of the jeep has truly been tried and tested in every sense of the word. Despite all the other available vehicles out there, none can quite back up that claim as much as the jeep can. So next time you think off-road, remember to think 4×4 jeeps first.

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