97 f150 automatic with 4×4 accessory problems.?

my dash is screw balled. when i turn on my headlights the turn signals stop working. it does the same when i try to turn on the blower motor for heat or air. but the blower motor doesnt work at all for some reason. my dash lights dont work unless i have the blower motor selected to on. when i have all accessories off my turn signals work. i just bought this truck and it sat for 6 months and the guy said it all worked when it was parked and his son tryed to give it a jump to get it started . i dont know if that messed things up. i checked under dash fuses and they were all fine. thanks if you can help. or where to start.

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One Response to 97 f150 automatic with 4×4 accessory problems.?

  1. ford428r June 18, 2011 at 2:35 am #

    at first it sounded like a computer issue however, someone has either had electrical issues or it was a flood vehicle either way take your truck into the closest auto zone or ford have them read the computer codes that should tell you where to start! i used to work as a ase cert,auto mech for ford,im now a certifide diesel mech!