Anybody know a good theme for an older semi-classic truck?

It’s a ’77 Ford 4×4. I’ve dropped in a 351 big block and I’ve found 32×11.50’s to put on it. I don’t need nothing too big or fancy on the outside, but the local auto parts store sells accessories from shifter knobs (it’s a stick w/granny) to floor mats to vinyl stickers and all kinds of goodies. Of course, I can always get things over the internet. I plan on keeping the truck the original bright orange color. I was wondering what kind of theme, if any, I should do the insides. Give me your opinion. Being’s it’s my first vehicle, I’d like something somewhat fancy but not too much. After all, it’s also my work/play truck. I was also thinking about swapping out the bench seat for a couple bucket seats and a little console? Since it’s a stick and the 2nd/4th/R gear’s don’t have much hand room between the seat.

Whew. Thanks for the opinion
I had orginally planned on going chrome, but now I’m seriously thinking about it. I’ve had a fake chrome pair of horns you find on older cadillac’s I was toying with putting on the front hood. I was also thinking about going with a chrome skull theme, with door locks, gear knob, chain steering wheel, a brakelight skull that fits in your hitch, and a light-up cig lighter. Too cheesy? Or is there anything somewhat similar but without all the death gaaahh killkillkill theme?

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One Response to Anybody know a good theme for an older semi-classic truck?

  1. travis H June 22, 2010 at 9:41 am #

    Buckets, love the engine. Go with whatever color you like, they all look pretty damn good. Go with a chrome based theme. It serves very well on older pick ups. Hope you find this helpful.