Anyone from Toledo, Ohio?

I just came across this… of course i don’t expect you to answer them, but i am having trouble with the ones w/asterisks. please help me out and elaborate.. and I always give the whole 10 points.. thx

You know you’re from Toledo if……

You know who Jamie Farr is.

You get tired of hearing about Katie Holmes.

You have gotten or almost gotten a ticket in Ottawa Hills.

You refuse to call it Westfield Shopping Center because we all know it’s really Franklin Park Mall.

You freeze your butt off walking around The Toledo Zoo at 10 degrees because you want to see Christmas lights.

You know how to drive in snow, rain, and hail.

You know what Meijer is.

If you see a driver who is driving erratically you automatically check for the Michigan license plate.

Visiting Cedar Point is a tradition dating back to the elementary school years.

You have a favorite room in the Toledo Art Museum .

Your school was cancelled because of the 7" of snow you got during the night.

*********You know who says "Turtle."

Seeing a giant, neon-colored, plastic frog sitting on the sidewalk is nothing unusual.

You know where the original Tony Packo’s is at and you know what type of food famous people sign on the walls.

You’ve been to a Mud Hens game.

Your mayor decides to change the fire hydrant color.

At least one person you know works for Jeep.

You think having four all-girl and all-boy Catholic schools is normal.

You’ve ridden an elephant, panda, buffalo and turtle at the zoo.

You get into a legal jam and call Sam Boloton.

You know Major Magic’s was way better than Chuck E. Cheese.

You remember the tunnel that used to go to the zoo and have jumped on the metal hatch at least 6 dozen times.

You’ve ever ridden the bike at COSI. Extra points if you know what COSI stands for.
You are used to food festivals (German, Polish, Irish and every other festival) and go to them even if you aren’t of the nationality.

You know why Toledo is known as the " Glass City ."

Mentioning Telegraph Road conjures images of adult bookstores and strip clubs.

************You know who Blizzard Bill Spencer is.

Ending up in Michigan after taking a wrong turn doesn’t incite panic because it’s like going across the street.

You remember Southwyck BEFORE it fell apart and became empty. Or you’ve even HEARD of Southwyck.

You won’t eat fish from the Maumee River and wouldn’t EVER swim in it.

**************You know what they are referring to when they sing "There goes another one!"

*********You know what school someone is from when they are referred to as a "Frannie" or "Johnny"

You own at least one piece of Libbey Glass in your home.

You can correctly answer the question on Trivial Pursuit Millennium Edition, about naming the mayor of an Ohio town who wanted to pass legislature to have all the deaf people moved out by the airport. THEN WE RE-ELECTED HIM!!!

You’ve been to Uncle John’s Pancake House for the all you can eat special.

You know that Spring Meadows has nothing to do with Spring or meadows.

Your childhood memories include riding the carousel at Southwyck mall.

You can remember the mummy being in the Egyptian room at the museum.

You know that the girl in Missy Elliot’s video is named Alyson Stoner and she is from Toledo … and every time you see her in a movie or on TV you say "She’s from Toledo !"

You’ve been to Music Under the Stars at the Toledo Zoo with your grandparents.

You know that the BEST place to buy corn and strawberries is The Anderson’s.

You remember when the Big Boy on Secor disappeared.

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2 Responses to Anyone from Toledo, Ohio?

  1. curiousk June 27, 2010 at 8:01 pm #

    *********You know who says "Turtle."

    I think the name of the guy is Steve and the commercial is for Car Stereo One.

    ************You know who Blizzard Bill Spencer is.

    Blizzard Bill Spencer was the weather man for NBC 24, but he has now moved to ABC 13 (both in Toledo)

    These were really good. I don’t even live in Toledo (never have), but I have done/remember a lot of these!

  2. LARA June 27, 2010 at 8:01 pm #

    Blizzard Bill is a local TV weatherman, but although I know the two commercials you mention, I just can’t think off hand of the answers, I do enjoy those Toledo memories.Thanks.