Beginning Your Off-Road Experience: Get a 4×4 SUV

When you hear the words Sports Utility Vehicle, they usually come with the words power, manly, adventure, and most especially, off-road. As the name suggest, the vehicle class promises to deliver strength in its performance and make the driver feel like he or she is at the wheel of a racing car, despite its size. It is one of the most common cars that drivers own today, and also its design makes it the easiest to transform from daily commute vehicle to off-road adventurer.

A 4×4 SUV already has the basics that are needed for a good off-road vehicle. SUVs usually come with large engines to give the car enough power to move its weight around quickly and efficiently. These cars are also built on light-truck chassis, thus have a higher base than other vehicle types and are only a step down from being considered a full truck. Also, because of its size SUVs come packaged with a reliable suspension system to support its weight, though stock systems are mainly designed for highway driving and light off-road trips. A powerful engine, a high base, a strong suspension and shock absorber system – the sheer strength and look of a big car is enough to make the manliest of men giggle like a little girl. All you need to make that SUV is some upgrades – a good set of off-road tires (plus spares, of course), truck lift kits to provide more stability, off-road suspension kits to absorb the impact of the drive – and you’re ready to go.

There are other benefits of an SUV that you can also carry over into your off-road vehicle. SUVs normally are able to accommodate more people, and thus take more people along for the ride. SUVs also come with safety features, such as side airbags, that add protection to the passengers inside. Besides, if you get a top-of-the-line vehicle, you can easily add luxury features such as complex audio systems, provisions for GPS and phone integration, or overhaul the entire thing and add a roll cage for extra protection.

You don’t even have to shell out for the cost of a new SUV. There are lots of second hand SUVs that come in good condition and at considerably low prices, and are just rearing to be converted into off-road vehicles. A quick search on Google should give you the results to help you make a good comparison and find the best deal available. Some tips when checking on second hand cars: be sure to check for repair history, mileage of usage, and degree of ownership. A good measure for a well-used SUV is around 50,000 – 80,000 km for 5 years, so anything less than that is what you’re looking for. Be sure to especially have the internals checked to make sure that there is no serious damage to the car’s engine or under components.

If you’re seriously considering going off-road, you can look at a 4×4 SUV as your first road to that experience. Cost-friendly, looks great, and is the easiest choice available – what are you waiting for?

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