Best 4×4 SUV to lease?

Best 4×4 SUV to lease?
I have leased Jeep Grand Cherokee’s for the past 11 years and I Absolutely love them! Because I work and have family in a 20 mile radius all of my Jeeps have turned in at 22,000 or less miles. My current 2 year lease is up soon and will turn in at 10,000 miles or a few less. Now for my problem, I am in a state that has rough winters but I have never had a problem maneuvering around town until I heard that Chrysler will no longer lease vehicles. I really do not want to buy or own another vehicle. I love the idea of driving it a few years and giving it back. I can’t decide on what 4×4 SUV to lease next…and it has to be a 4×4. But something with some balls, nothing all girly and cutesy in the snow, I need to be able to get from point A to point B without a worry. And no, a Hummer is totally out of the question. Anybody have any suggestions as to a good SUV that won’t require a ton of gas and tires that cost more than a mortgage payment?
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As for recon 75’s answer (which I appreciate) I know that Chrysler Financial has other options for leasing ’cause they have sent me junk-mail for three months now on the subject. But the options feel like a big fat how-you-do mam trap to me 🙁 As much as I love Jeeps I think it is time we parts ways 🙁
Nick R, lol, yeah I have thought of those SUV’s but I am not rich lol, even if we are in a U.S. slump, they are not in my price range. But thank you. One can always hope.
D.Y.B.A. I started off with Ford and I may go back ..but damm I love my Jeep lol.
Bill S. you mentioned that I should keep my current Jeep since I love it. I am considering that and may just do it. You said 10 k is not a broken in yet? well you may be shocked to know that it is a two year lease up in March and at this point it has 8,480 miles on it. The kicker is this, I am considered a "harsh driver" because the Jeep has NEVER been on the freeway! I have no need to because of my work/family/friends radius which gives me a whole new set of problems with stop-n-go traffic. Brake pads,radiator flushes, and rotors (blah, blah, blah lol ) I just may buy my Jeep but I know that the moment I do something major will brake on it and it will turn into a money pit. After buying 4 new cars and paying them off that is always my outcome 🙁

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  1. Do You Buy American? June 3, 2010 at 7:53 pm #

    Jeeps are nice vehicles and it’s too bad that part of their cost cutting was to quit leasing. Ford Explorers are great in the snow (own one) and do great even without 4×4 on demand. Chevy is discontinuing the Trail Blazer, so that’s why I would suggest the Explorer. The gas isn’t a super bright spot but it probably isn’t too different if at all different from your Grand Cherokee. Plus, like all cars right now and especially on SUVs and American cars, the incentives are pretty good.

  2. NICK® June 3, 2010 at 7:53 pm #

    Some other great alternatives to the Jeep Cherokee is the Nissan Xterra, 2009 Subaru Forester, Land Rover LR3 (If price is an issue look at Certified Pre-Owned Land Rover’s), and Volkswagen Touareg.

    All of these SUV’s work beautifully in off-road situations. The Nissan Xterra is named among the best, it was also Motor Trend’s 2006 SUV of the year.

  3. Bill S June 3, 2010 at 7:53 pm #

    You should go look at a Toyota 4 Runner, or a Toyota FJ Cruiser. Both are extremely great vehicles, and will do excellent in the snow. The 4 Runners have been around since the early 80’s and have been proven to run great even offroad and keep up with Jeeps. The FJ Cruisers are relatively new, although not exactly a new product just updated. Toyota FJ Cruisers are based off of the old Land Cruiser vehicles which are extremely great offroad and in bad weather conditions. The 4 Runners are offered in different trim levels from base up to limited editions. The FJ Cruisers have a few different trim levels but are more of an offroad enthusiasts vehicle, but with on road handling characteristics like you see from your jeeps.

    I’m a jeep fan also, but I drive tons of miles both on and offroad so a lease would never work for me, but for someone in your position I still think leasing would be great which Toyota does.

    I do not own either of the vehicles I mentioned, I have however had a chance to test drive both at some extremely bad condition locations, and both did great in snow, mud, sand, etc. However the FJ Cruiser is a part time 4WD system so it runs in 2WD until low traction conditions are encountered and then the driver must engage the system via a lever next to the gear shift. The 4 Runner can be equipped with a full time 4WD system that requires no input from the driver, these systems have been proven for many years in jeeps and work great.

    Since you love your jeep so much, why don’t you just buy it. At only 10k miles right now that thing isn’t even broken in yet. I have a 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee limited with the 4.0L straight 6 engine full time 4WD, automatic. It does great in the snow and ice in Idaho, and also great offroad. I’m currently sitting at 196,479 miles and its still running great. Its not like you really need a brand new vehicle every 2 years. I know its nice, but if you really like your jeep I’d keep it.

    Someone on a previous post said the Ford Explorers are front wheel drive. That is false, no Explorer is front wheel drive, unless it was 4WD at one point and someone removed the rear drive shaft. They are either rear wheel drive, all wheel drive, or 4WD. Might be thinking about the Ford Escape which is front wheel drive or all wheel drive.