Best 4×4 SUV to lease?

I have leased Jeep Grand Cherokee’s for the past 11 years and I Absolutely love them! Because I work and have family in a 20 mile radius all of my Jeeps have turned in at 22,000 or less miles. My current 2 year lease is up soon and will turn in at 10,000 miles or a few less. Now for my problem, I am in a state that has rough winters but I have never had a problem maneuvering around town until I heard that Chrysler will no longer lease vehicles. I really do not want to buy or own another vehicle. I love the idea of driving it a few years and giving it back. I can’t decide on what 4×4 SUV to lease next…and it has to be a 4×4. But something with some balls, nothing all girly and cutesy in the snow, I need to be able to get from point A to point B without a worry. And no, a Hummer is totally out of the question. Anybody have any suggestions as to a good SUV that won’t require a ton of gas and tires that cost more than a mortgage payment?
As for recon 75’s answer (which I appreciate) I know that Chrysler Financial has other options for leasing ’cause they have sent me junkmail for three months now on the subject. But the options feel like a big fat how-you-do mam trap to me 🙁 As much as I love Jeeps I think it is time we parts ways 🙁
Mike K, I will love my Jeep until they stop making them (God forbid) and then I will think about them, and talk about them, until people get sick of me!!!!…..Jeeps rule!!
If push comes to shove I will buy my own Jeep…at least I know know where it has been.

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2 Responses to Best 4×4 SUV to lease?

  1. Mike K November 3, 2010 at 3:04 pm #

    i know that you have owned all new jeeps and im sure you dont want to but have you thought about buying a used one. i got a 04 jeep grand cherokee which is great in the snow. right now you can find a good deal on them. i got mine last year for 16,500 that was 4.7 v8 39,000miles and 3 year warranty. i love my jeep and i drive mine hard. my 4.7 gets about 14-16mpg city and around 20mpg highway @ 70 mph that when im trying to save gas. glad to see another jeeper on here who has a jeep and loves them. i see so many non jeep owners bashing them 🙁

  2. recon75 November 3, 2010 at 3:04 pm #

    I like the Toyota 4runner — I’ve had 3 of them. They come in 4WD versions, although I’ve never had one.

    As for Chrysler not leasing. That’s not exactly true. It’s true that Chrysler Financial is not leasing, but Chrysler dealers have other sources of financing. It is true that leasing won’t be quite as good as before because Chrysler Financial lost a lot of money on subsidized leases, which was great for customers like you, but it got them in deep trouble.