Best 4×4 truck for towing a atv and 18 foot boat, with best gas milage?

Im looking to buy a newish used 4×4 truck that can tow an ATV for sure and possible a 18 foot boat (not at the same time) that gets has decent gas mileage. The boats not as big a deal as the gas mileage and atv and if it resulted in getting much better gas mileage I would take that over towing the boat and just use a buddies when I take it out. I have looked at a fair amount of options I really like the F150 but I looked up the gas mileage stats and they don’t look to pretty same goes for the dodge trucks. I really liked the Honda Ridgeline gets decent gas mileage but I have read it is not a good fit for what im looking for. Others that I have looked at are the GMC Canyon and Chev Colorado again neither have good reviews for towing but get better gas mileage. Anyone have any experience looking for the same kind of truck as myself?
oh and forgot to mention my price range is around 15-20,000

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2 Responses to Best 4×4 truck for towing a atv and 18 foot boat, with best gas milage?

  1. dick car guy October 25, 2010 at 7:54 pm #

    go with the 5.3 for towing on the gmc, its based on a full size truck platform, any other motor will be underpowered. GAS mileage and towing are meaningless. cut the mileage in half period for the boat. as far as the other vehicles toyota tundra is probably the way to go, it should be plenty durable, and tow as good or better than the gmc, go test drive both of them and see which one has better featurers for your needs, and for future reference on the gmc anyway never tow in overdrive.

  2. Joshua Strickland October 25, 2010 at 7:54 pm #

    Well i don’t have personal experience but i recommend looking up info about the Toyota Tacoma, they are a decent little workhorse and according to their website it gets like 22 mpg. but everyone I’ve talked to says that they still retain a good amount of power.