best all around 4×4 for veggie conversion?

i’ve seen some wvo conversion sites and they say they can only do certain vehicles? is that true? I’m looking for a 4 door 4×4 suv or truck for the conversion. I would love to have a toyota land cruiser, but i dont think they made a diesel. Any suggestions on the best 4×4 truck or suv to convert?

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  1. Lover not a Fighter July 2, 2010 at 5:30 am #

    NO. Cars (and diesel) do NOT run on veggie oil. OK it is possible but not recommended. The reason is that there are no standards when it comes to veggie oil.

    Veggie oils have to be converted to BIO-DIESEL. After that it is basically DIESEL and can be burned in ANY diesel car and truck.

    Again BIO-DIESEL is the fuel – not the automobile. Diesel automobiles do NOT have to be modified. And that is the major attraction of bio-diesel.

    The problem is that you canNOT get bio-diesel at MOST gas station. You have to make it in your garage from spent cooking oil. Are you ready to drive around collecting used cooking oil?

    Good Luck…