Body Lift Kit on a Ford f-150 supercab?

im lookin to put just a 3′ body lift kit on my 2002 ford. its 4×4.its a 3′ Performance Accessories lift kit for 173.66 not including labor. I dont know if that is inexpensive or expensive. im lookin to put 35′ all terrain tires on. i only need the lift to fit some bigger offroad tires for hunting. so if you could give me some estimates on how much a lift kit + labor would be, and what specific tires to get and how much that will cost. i want to know what the best lift kit to buy is. thanks. my name is jake an my number is 9728350411. let me know your opinions so i can balance the options. thanks

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2 Responses to Body Lift Kit on a Ford f-150 supercab?

  1. fodaddy19 June 1, 2010 at 12:03 am #

    I wouldn’t do a body lift. They do absolutely nothing except allow you fit bigger tires. Chances are it’ll end up looking rather awkward. The bumpers won’t line up with the body, and you run the risk of breaking lines, electrical lines, and really screwing up the steering column. Also you with the stock gearing and 35’s your truck will become quite gutless and slow, fuel economy will get even worse.

    If you’re going to lift you’re truck do it right. I have a 95 Bronco that has a 4 inch Dick Cepek suspension lift on it. I went with 33’s. a Powertrax no-slip locker and a 4.56 gears. 4.10s would’ve also worked but, 4.56’s make it a little more responsive.

    There’s a reason body lifts are so cheap. If you want to do the lift right, be prepared to drop around $4000 or so.

  2. stockxcarx29 June 1, 2010 at 12:03 am #

    174$ isnt a terrible price for a newer vehicle. just make sure the kit comes with everything you will need. body lift bumper brackets(the bumper will stay normal height and leave a gap if it doesnt have those) are a must for a decent look. also look into gap covers. unless you want to see the other side between the bed and frame rail

    but personnaly, id say your better off spending more money for a 4" suspension lift. it will increase your off road performance alot over the stock suspension. but if your on a budget, i dont blame you

    as far as tires go, it depends on what you want to spend. Are you looking for All Terrains or Mud Terrains.

    BFG has A/T’s which are good for 90% daily driving. and KM2’s which are the newer version of there mud terrain

    Cooper has their Discoverer series. i had STT’s (mud terrain) on my 95 f350 and i loved them. they also have the ST which is there all terrain.

    Mastercraft has a good tire for a reasonable price. the Courser series are great. i friend of mine had the A/T’s. They’re M/T has a very similar pattern too Coopers Discoverer STT’s.

    but dont forget tires get realllll expensive. i paid 1000$ for my STT’s new. so do your research, and look around.