can a 3/4 ton chevy 4×4 parts work on a 1ton 2wd truck?

i have a 1982 chevy 3/4 ton 4×4 with a broken frame but has all new parts . i have also a 1ton 2wd 1986 truck is it possible to convert into 4×4 with 3/4 drive terrain

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  1. Blazin May 17, 2009 at 4:31 pm #

    First off what is all new parts and why did someone install them on a truck that the frame was ready to break in?

    In order to convert a 4×2 to a 4×4 you will need to pull out the entire front suspension, including the cross member that the motor is bolted to, Hence remove the motor as there will be nothing to hold it in the frame, the transmission with the cross member, all 4 rear spring hangers, as the 4×4 ones are longer / hangdown lower than the 4×2 ones. If your truck is an automatic you will need to cut out the center floor hump and replace it with the one from the 4×4. Or install a 2" body lift to clear the trans & transfercase. If its a standard then just cut a hole for the 4×4 shifter. If your 4×4 has a standard and the 4×2 is an auto matic you will need to change the braket up under the dash that the steering column bolts to, as this is what the pedales hang from. The brake booster is also mounted to the fire wall with four of the six nuts that hold the pedal braket in place. You will need to mount the front spring hangers ( front end of front springs ), and the front shackles ( back end of front springs ) from the 4×4 into the 4×2 frame. You will need to put the engine cross member from the 4×4 into the 4×2 frame. You will need to mount the transmission cross member into the 4×2 frame. You will need to use the 4×4 spedometer cable. As far as sheet metal the cabs and noses are identical. The diferences are in trim wireing etc. Such as the 82 has the wipers on the dash and the dimmer on the floor. The 86 has them on the steering column. the grills will interchange but the 82 has the park / turn lights in the bumper. The 86 could have them under the head light or if equiped with the four light system they could be behind the grill. There might be a few little things I left out but that is the jist of it. Also the If the rear axle is a full floater in the 3/4 ton then it is the same exact identical axle as a the 1 ton. Only the brakes are bigger in the 1 ton. If it is a semifloater then yes it is a diferent axle, same design as a 1/2 ton just a bit heavier duty.
    Please fell free to e mail me if you have more questions.

  2. yes_its_me May 17, 2009 at 4:31 pm #

    The differences in a 3/4 ton Chevrolet and a 1 ton are slight. The 1 ton has heavier duty springs and rear axle. Most of the drive line parts are the same. Since you are converting the 3/4 to the 1 ton, I don't think you will have many issues with compatibility. Sounds like an inexpensive way to get your 4×4 truck. The biggest differences in the years are all body modifications.
    Wrench on!

  3. mark h May 17, 2009 at 4:31 pm #

    same frame?

  4. Wispa! May 17, 2009 at 4:31 pm #

    No it might not work My old man bought two chevs to make one and had problems with the 4×4 they didnt bolt the same some components are different. one was badly burned out (the one with the 4×4) so he was doing converstions.

    If you have the complete 4x4system it should bolt straight up tho no conversions…