Can i fit off road tires on my boulder SE?

Just looking for some advice on getting oversized tires for my GIANT Boulder SE i am new to mountain biking but i am taking it seriously.

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  1. S A June 20, 2010 at 4:47 pm #

    First off, lets make sure we understand the difference between wheels and tires. A wheel is a hub, spokes and a rim. Tires refer only to the rubber you put on the wheels.

    Most MTB wheels are 26" in size.
    Most Road bike wheels are 700c, a slightly larger wheel.
    They are not interchangeable. You cant put road wheels on a mountain bike, and you cant put mountain bike wheels on a road bike. The frames are different and not designed for switching. There is also a problem with the brakes not aligning with the different rims.

    However you can buy street-use tires for MTB that are as narrow as 1.5" wide and have street tread. These tires are commonly available online or at any bike shop.