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most reliable/simple diesel pickup?

I’ve got a 96 civic LX and I was looking to trade (or trade+cash) for a diesel pickup. The most important thing I’m looking for in the truck would be simplicity and reliability. I’ve been quoted that the 1987 Ford F250 6.9 is like working on an old John Deere which would be great. I […]

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How would a Tug of war between a Cummins diesel pickup and a Big rig turn out?

Details: Dodge Cummins 4×4 dually tractor pulling truck, super modified for 1,600 Hp and who knows how much torque (maybe 3,000 Lb ft) -Vs- Big Rig diesel (bobtail) stock with 550 Hp and super low end torque (maybe 1,500 Lb ft) Both trucks are in low gear. This question is different. Also more detailed.

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Why is the stock exhaust on a diesel pickup truck louder than on a gasoline powered one?

It seems that a stock gasoline exhaust system is quieter than the stock diesel exhaust system on pickup trucks. For example, the exhaust on a Ford pickup truck with the 5.4 Triton gasoline engine doesn’t seem to be as loud as one with the 7.3 Powerstroke diesel engine. I’m not talking about the clatter from […]

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