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tug of war with k-1997 gmc 4X4 suburban?

i know this is stupid but at school i joined a tug war /club and i have a 4×4 97 suburban for best performance what button should i press….2wd, 4wd high,4wd high+ low—-the suburban weighs 3 tons also should i take it out of d and put it in 1,2,or 3 or leave it in […]

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The Goonies trivia quiz. Do you remember the movie?

I have a few questions about the Goonies. Here’s a little quiz. 1. What was the denomination of the bills being counterfeited in the basement of the restaurant? 2. What does Chunk call the Jeep that the Fratelli’s drive (not an SUV) but a ??? 3. What test did Brandon fail? 4. What sea creature […]

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Costa Rica 2 Week Itinerary?

I will be traveling with my girlfriend to CR from Dec 7-21. Current plan: Arrive in San Jose and stay at Galileo Hostel for one night. Leave for Arenal via public bus the next morning. Stay two nights in El Castillo rather than Fortuna. Jeep-boat-Jeep or horseback to Monteverde for 2-3 nights. Take the public […]

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