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Best 4×4 truck for towing a atv and 18 foot boat, with best gas milage?

Im looking to buy a newish used 4×4 truck that can tow an ATV for sure and possible a 18 foot boat (not at the same time) that gets has decent gas mileage. The boats not as big a deal as the gas mileage and atv and if it resulted in getting much better gas […]

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Should I sell my 2000 Ford Ranger?

2000 Ford Ranger XLT 4×4 3.0L V6 AT 94,0000 miles I bought this truck in June. After purchasing it i began to look around the internet at reviews, which i probably should have done before buying it. I noticed lots of people with major transmission problems, engine problems, and other some other major repairs. From […]

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Tacoma 4X4 struts & shocks need replacement. What kind shall I get?

I have about 160,000 miles on the struts and shocks on my 96 Toyota Tacoma SR5 4X4. Most of the miles have been highway.But when I had my truck into Toyota last week for an oil change and lube, the mechanic showed me my passenger side rear shock sheared off like someone amputated it. ;-/ […]

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