Central Pennsylvania Off-Road 4×4 trail Park

The Central Pennsylvania Off-Road Park is a place where trail riding enthusiasts can legally enjoy themselves in the majestic mountains of central Pennsylvania. The park is located just outside the small city of Altoona where you can easily find hotel accommodations, restaurants, and auto parts stores on every corner. All types of vehicles are welcome from highly modified off-road machines to stock four wheel drives. The park is “pay to play” and consists of over 900 acres of tight, rocky terrain varying in difficulty from simple dirt trails to hard-core rock crawling. In the past year, land owner Dave Walls and several other local 4-wheelers have slowly cut the mountainsides into a maze of some of the most difficult terrain on the East Coast. If you’re looking for a real challenge, a few of the trails have been conquered by only a few vehicles so far. With the land now spotted with small camping areas, you and your group or club can spend the weekend exploring all the park has to offer. Highly equipped and highly experienced trail leaders will be provided to guide you through the many perils found throughout the trails. New trails are continually being cut; not to mention the existing trails seem to vary daily so return visits are always welcome. If you have visited the park, please send pictures and trail reports so we can post your experiences on this website.

Our club has been here and really enjoyed it.


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