COLOMBIA: Cabo de Vela to Punta Gallinas by 4×4 jeep?…or Cartagena to San Blas by boat?

I want to go the road less traveled. Punta Gallinas rarely has tourists and you sleep in hammocks owned by the Wayuu Indians. San Blas is a bumpy 12 person boat ride visiting secluded islands. What would YOU do??

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3 Responses to COLOMBIA: Cabo de Vela to Punta Gallinas by 4×4 jeep?…or Cartagena to San Blas by boat?

  1. La Negra September 6, 2010 at 10:18 pm #

    Its depends on what you prefer because both are completely different experiences. I would prefer the Cartagena to San Blas by boat simply because of the security. There is still a risk of kid napping, so I would feel safer in a boat. My sister did Cabo de la Vela to Punta Gallinas trip, but she is Colombian. For a non Colombian citizen, I would not feel very secure in that part of the country.

  2. southhotspicie September 6, 2010 at 10:18 pm #

    is 2 different kind of trips but both very interesting.
    in san blass you will limited to the island but in cabo la vela you be limited by the desert ,however be in la guagira you will be more exciting learning about the GUAJIROS INDIANS and the traditions,be careful don’t take pictures of them with out ask first if its ok or you may be in serious trouble I meaning serious.
    come out from Cartagena drive 3 hours to santa marta and then 3.5 hours to riohacha, from there visit maicao what is Commercial free port and a lot of contraband come from china,but is ok to buy stuff there, and then drive to cabo la vela get a lot water bottles with you since water is not a really popular item around, enjoy you trip don’t go over venezuela border you will see the post there and save a head ache.
    while you drive there specially from santa marta up north , be extreme careful with the semi- trucks and passenger bus since they are very aggressive drivers and basic are the kings in the roads they will not stop for nothing.

    I will there in september again.

  3. Karla C September 6, 2010 at 10:18 pm #

    do it but careful because colombia can be very dangerous. im colombian and very damn proud of it. you should try taking the bus its cheap and comfortable. you should try going to pasto its way far fom punta gallinas but its a beautiful city with the nicest people in colombia. and cali go there, best dancers are in cali. be more cautious in cali