do I need catalytic converters on my 1980 chevy 4×4 pickup truck in order to make it legal in NV?

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purchased a 1980 chevy 4×4 pickup 2yrs ago and have been restoring it ever since. Now I'm almost ready to register it and it must pass smog before doing so. Part of the requirements are catalytic converters…. is mine exempt? Have changed motor, trans, rear gears drive line, bed….not much is original.

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6 Responses to “do I need catalytic converters on my 1980 chevy 4×4 pickup truck in order to make it legal in NV?”

  1. chevypride0310 says:

    those 2 people saying every vehicle needs one to be legal is wrong, a vehicle only needs one if it came from the factory with a catalytic converter, if it didn't then you have nothing to worry about, also some states don't require a vehicle of a certain age to even do a smog test so being the truck is just under 30 years old your truck my be exempt from even going through with a smog test, but if it does have to then the only reason it would need a cat converter is if it came with one from the factory, even some new model diesel trucks don't have cats on them

  2. Laputa says:


  3. C.H. says:

    you need catalytic converters on every vehicle for it to be street legal

  4. unplugged-Pro-Peace says:

    even if you don't need smog testing, you need a cat converter for it to be legal.

  5. wvparanormal says:

    There are two ways to know for sure if a 1980 vehicle needs a catalytic converter. #1 look on the instrument panel, if the gas gage says unleaded fuel only, it needs it. # 2 look in the gas fill tube, if it has the small hole that only an unleaded fuel nozzle will fit in, it needs it. If it doesn't have either, then it should be good to go without it. If it doesn't have either, it may even be exempt from an emissions inspection.

  6. Hurst says:

    Speaking about 1980 GM only; #s 1&2 are correct, #’s 3&4 are wrong. #5 is correct if nothing has been changed. No diesel used a converter, even though they were only offered in a half ton; all other 1/2 ton gas motored trucks had converters. All one tons were over 8500 GVW and therefore didn’t have a converter. 3/4 tons could go either way depending on options. The LS9 medium-emissions 350 engine had converters & < 8500 GVW. Option C6P or CP6 got LT9 HD emissions 350 with leaded gas and 8600 GVW and no converters.

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