DODGE/TRUCK ENTHUSIASTS What Spark Plugs Do I Use On My 6" Lifted RAM 2500?

I just bought a nice 2500 Dodge RAM V8 5.9 4X4 96′ rebuilt engine/new tranny. To me It consumes LOTS OF GAS, 14 mpg everywhere and going up hill to the mountains (not towing) maybe 7 mpg. I can’t handle this and It’s not even very powerful (check engine light NOT on). I believe It needs a tune-up although everything seems to work/sound perfect. What Kind of Upgrades should I do to save on gas? It already has a big 4" K and N custom air filter. Should I get spark plugs from the dealer, autozone, platinum , iridium or E3 High Efficiency spark plugs( I don’t want to burn valves). Any programmers? Thank You for your time and your Knowledge !!.

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2 Responses to DODGE/TRUCK ENTHUSIASTS What Spark Plugs Do I Use On My 6" Lifted RAM 2500?

  1. Jim July 2, 2011 at 9:35 am #

    Your going to get a whole bunch of different answers on this one I always use what the Dealer recommends in these vehicles. Under the hood you’ll see an emissions sticker, on it, it will tell you what spark plug is recommend for this engine and the recommend spark plug gap.

    I’ve always found it best to just stick with what the dealer recommends when it comes to spark plugs. Bosch used to have real bad problems with certain engines, though lately they’ve gotten better. As far as Iridium or E3 plugs goes, even platinum +2, those types of plugs can cause misfires on some engines which is why it’s best to just stick to what the engineers selected for your engine.

    As far as the terrible MPG goes, do you have bigger tires on it to go along with that 6" lift, if so you’ve found your problem right there. These engines have a rated fuel economy between 16-18 MPG highway, and that’s stock.

  2. talon0325 July 2, 2011 at 9:35 am #

    That truck in stock form with a Hemi never got good mileage to begin with. 14 mpg is good for that truck. My Rumble Bee got maybe 11 mpg and my 4×4 1500 5.2 only gets 12 mpg with a complete tune up and 3" dual exhaust, it just never was good on fuel to begin with and I only have 35" tires. Maybe the roots 671 blower has something to do with it.