Edmonton Canada, SUV 4×4 or 2 wheel drive?

We are moving to Edmonton next February. We have an 2001 Toyota 4runner 2 wheel drive. Is it a good car for the winter up there? Or should we change it for a 4×4?

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  1. c420wizzle July 6, 2010 at 5:31 am #

    I am from Maine, and do not know anything about Edmonton’s winter. But if it is anything like the winters in Maine, then I would highly, highly suggest getting a different vehicle. The Toyota 4Runner is a very very nice vehicle, that is durable and reliable, but 2 wheel drive just wouldn’t cut it for me in winter, especially since it is RWD. I would suggest getting a 4X4 4Runner, if you are considering another SUV, because 4Runners are one of the best! My father has a 2000 and it is just about to reach the 200K mile mark!
    Anyways, alternatives to a big gas guzzling SUV (even though the 4Runner is very good on gas compared to others in its class), I would suggest looking into Subarus. All Subarus have All Wheel Drive, and their AWD system is top of the line. If size doesn’t matter, the Impreza is a great choice, it gets good gas mileage, handles extremely well, and since it’s a Subaru it will be just a reliable as the 4Runner. If you need something bigger, the Legacy is a great choice. Also, both the Impreza and Legacy come in a hatchback version, along with a Outback version, which has a little bit higher ground clearance, all good choices.
    Hope this info helps, but you should really consider a 4X4 or AWD vehicle, but if not, at least get a FWD, becuase coming from experiencing many Maine winters, RWD is by far the worst option in the winter.
    Good Luck!