Ford Ranger off road tires?

I have a Ford Ranger XL 4 cyl. 4×2 extended cab,(the 4×2 wasn’t my choice). When I go hunting I get stuck a lot with the crappy road tires on it. What off road tires would you recommend? Would these tires help me not get stuck as much?
Also, do I need different rims if I get off road tires?

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One Response to Ford Ranger off road tires?

  1. krazybob613 June 25, 2011 at 4:45 am #

    Best choice – Sell and get a 4X4!

    If that is simply not possible then buy a pair of Mud and Snow tires which have a large open Lug and Void tread pattern. In addition to getting good M&S tires you need to increase the traction of the rear axle by adding weight in the bed of the truck, the farther back you can place the weight the better but remember that weight placed far back in the bed must be adequately secured to prevent it from sliding forward under panic breaking conditions lest you find your weight(s) attacking the back of your cab!
    It will make a world of difference – I spent many hours Off Roading in a rear wheel drive Plymouth with built up springs and good snow tires – it could go darn near everywhere my buddies jeep could!