Full Size Chevy G10 Van on a Chevy 4X4 pickup chassy?

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I have a 1987 G10 Sportvan with a short wheel base. The frame is rusted and rather than repair, I thought it may be worth investing the money in getting it converting it to a 4×4. Would be easier to repair frame then add 4×4 parts or can I simply put body of van on Chev truck chassy? I know the engine and tranny location of the van may be a concern? Is it doable? How?

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2 Responses to “Full Size Chevy G10 Van on a Chevy 4X4 pickup chassy?”

  1. Rapid Fire says:

    If you have to ask – the answer is NO. This is a job for a professional mechanic.

  2. 4x4man says:

    yea its do able, just got to have the know how, patience, and the fabricating skills and tools to do it, like steel, grinders, welder, torch, things like that for just starting out.

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