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Garrett County Trail System, MD
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In 1908, Harvard Professor John Kennedy Lacock led a party of students & teachers in retracing the old Braddock Road. The photo above depicts the expedition resting atop St. Johns Rock on Big Savage Mountain in Garrett County, elevation 2,930 feet. St. Johns Rock is located about 1/4 mile northwest of the old Braddock Road. It was very popular in the 19th century when such lookout points were visited by travelers and hikers alike. Established in 1872, Garrett County has the distinction of being the last county created in the State of Maryland. It is named after John W. Garrett, the president of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad. The terrain of Garrett County provides an attractive and beautiful venue for a wide variety of adventure sports and recreational activities. With over 80,000 acres of its 648 square miles within public parks, forests and wildlife management and open space areas, the county has an abundance & diversity of outdoor recreation opportunities. With the increasing popularity in hiking, biking, horseback riding, backpacking & cross-country skiing, the public lands that abound in Garrett County provide a wonderful opportunity to explore a system of trails which foster & promote participation within each of these areas.
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Garrett County Trail System

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