George Washington National Forest, VA – 4×4 Trails

George Washington National Forest, VA
Club Status – Not visited, use information at own risk

– Travel time from Beltway – 2hrs. 7 miles of mild ORV trail. Mountainous, lots of rocks, scenery. Campgrounds at
either end of the trail, or off trial sites. Trail runs from outside of Woodstock to Edinburgh Gap.

There are five locations in the park listed with off road areas. They range from about 80 to 150 miles from the beltway.

-Lee Ranger District, Edinburg (703)984-4101
-GW Nat Forest Sup. Harrisonburg (703)433-2491
-Dry River Ranger, Bridgewater (703)828-2591
-Pedlar Ranger, Buena Vista (703)261-6105
-Warm Springs Ranger, Hot Springs (703)839-2521 These are listed in approximate order of distance from DC.

Directions to GW forest -provided by Ted

Take I-66 west to I-81 south. Exit onto Rt 42 East and then head North on US 11 into the town of Woodstock.

Once in Woodstock, take a right onto East Court Street. At the end of the street (less than a block) turn left onto Water
Street and then almost immediately turn right onto 758. If you can make it to 758, you’ve got it made.

758 heads across the North Fork of the Shenandoah and up a mountain. You’ll eventually see a sign that says “Welcome to
the George Washington National Forest”. Soon after that will be scenic overlook that also has an observation tower. Stop
and take pictures if your into that sort of thing – it’s a great view from the tower.

Not far after the overlook you’ll come to a split in the road, turn right, staying on 758. Now less than a mile later you’ll
see the entrance to the Little Fort camping area on your right. At the back of the camp ground you’ll find the entrance to
the Off Road Vehicle Trail – it is clearly marked with “Tread Lightly” plates on the trail markers.

The trail is about 7 miles long and runs south to Rt 675 at Edinburg Gap. You can also pick up the trail there if you like
by exiting I-81 at Edinburg and picking up 675 out of town. It intersects US 11 at the Edinburg Jeep Dealership – should
be easy to remember 🙂

Camping is allowed anywhere within the GW National Forest as long as your vehicle is totally off the road/trail. Once on
the ORV there are no facilities, so you may want to stay at one of the camp grounds at either end of this ORV trail.

Here are a few of my favorite trails in the GW National Forest:
– Provided by ???

Trail #1

From DC get on to 81 south.
Exit onto 33 west go through Harrisonburg.
Take a right onto 612 (easy to miss the first time).
Follow 612 till you find a sign directing you to an ATV park (It will be a left hand turn right after a church on to a
maintained dirt road (it will be FR 72)).
Go for about 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile and make a right (should be easy to find as there are trees on both sides except where to
make the right turn)
Congrats! you are now on the trail. It follows and crosses a stream for about 3 to 4 miles. Has some moderate rock
climbs when going up dry creek beds.
At the end of the trail you come to a dirt road “T” intersection.
Make a left.
You will then come to a four-way intersection. To the left and right is FR72. Straight will take you to the middle of trail
#2. (take the left to get back to 612).

Trail #2

Second Mountain / Ditcum Ridge Loop (Tread Lightly sponsored)

Follow above directions to get to 33 west.
Once on 33 west turn right onto Second Mountain (There is a non standard wooden sign with white letters).
That’s it!
Follow the loop around till it gets back to 33.
(Not many camping spots on the above trails)

Trail #3

Take 81 south.
Then 33 west.
In the town of Harrisonburg, take 42 south.
Make a right onto 257 west.
Keep following the signs for 257 west.
Eventually 257 turns into a one lane paved, mountain road. At one point towards the top, 257 make a 180 turn (rather
sharp). If you go straight instead of following the paved road you will go on to a dirt road.
Follow the dirt road for about 5-6 miles. (plenty of camping on side trails).
Dirt road will come out of the trees into a large open plateau area with a great view to the north. Stop here and walk the
perimeter of the plateau. You will spot the tire ruts to the trail to the N/NE of the open plateau. This is the trail head.
Trail goes for about 3 miles.
Take a right at a burned down cabin (this gets you on FR225).
Going straight puts you on private prop.

All three trails have been traversed with limited scrapping in a stock 93 Wrangler with P215 tires. Longer wheel-bases
may have a harder time.


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