getting new ties 35×12.50s? what do you think of these?

so want to get some get tires for my 95 toyota pickup 4×4 it has 3” body lift and 4” suspension lift.
i also have new ring and pinions on the way (5.29) so i can turn bigger tires. i have 33s atm want 35s and im looking at these,

they are pretty cheap 9ea. thats the best price i could find in 35”
this is a on road truck too
that do you guys think? thanks a ton!

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2 Responses to getting new ties 35×12.50s? what do you think of these?

  1. E-rock August 4, 2010 at 4:47 am #

    Do you already have 17" rims? 35" LTBs are only available for 17s.

    All that aside, these are not the tires you want for a street-driven truck. I love bias-ply swampers for what they are, which is a very tough tire designed for off-road use. Some swampers are okay on the street; in my opinion, the LTBs are not.

    If you have 15" rims, the 36" bias Iroks are only $45 more and are miles ahead in every conceivable category – on-road ride, off-road traction, tread life, balancing.

  2. Johnny Rotten August 4, 2010 at 4:47 am #

    I went through a couple of sets on my landcruiser..Swampers are bias tires,they perform well off road but you,ll have a hard time getting them to balance…They wear funny and don,t last long on the street…Probably the worst thing is when they are cold 32 degrees or colder they will shake your teeth out until they warm up..If it,s just a trail rig and gets trailered you will like them.They do have a radial version but they are even close to being as tough as the original swamper.