Have a few questions regarding off road tires for my 4×4 truck.?

My knowledge on the subject of off Road tires is somewhat lacking– I could really use some advise/info please… I’ve been researching new tires for my 2002 Chevy Z71 4×4 truck. I’ve found 2 that I like & think will work for my needs. But I want to make sure those with more experience than I, think so too. Or might have something else to recommend? The two that I’m looking at are the–

1)Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac™ 112Q
2)Kumho Road Venture MT (KL71)
-*Both in 265 75 R16

Please feel free to suggest another brand if you think it would more suitable to my needs.

I definitely need a good all terrain tire. While most of my drive time is spent on normal street use. A lot of time is spent on rocky dirt roads, hauling horse trailers & other Ranching type tasks that can be hard on a truck/tires. My home is the mountains at 6800ft. So I need something decent in snow and on steep icy roads too. A reasonable price is a big factor as well.

Ideally I would love to go up in size and more aggressive looking tread. And get away from the "wimpier look", but I just cant justify the raise in cost to that of my needs (grrr) lol. Is it correct that the more aggressive the tread the faster the tire will wear out. Will the two that I’ve mentioned be greatly affected by that?

I apologize for asking soo many questions… But I have a few more (sigh).. I’ve been told more than once that when you go to a larger tire than standard recommended or put any sort of a lift on. You start messing with the "whole" truck. Like different stress points on the suspension, the computer’s and speedometer have to be reset, poorer gas mileage, etc. I understand and can see the logic in how that happens. But what I don’t understand is. If its such a potentially harmful process to a vehicle. WHY do I see so many lifted trucks with big tires on them then! Just how much, is the degree of harm say going up to a 285 or 305 size tire really going to do?? Does it add a lot to the end cost of the getting new tires process? I will sincerely appreciate it if anyone can help me to get a better grasp on all of this.

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One Response to Have a few questions regarding off road tires for my 4×4 truck.?

  1. dick car guy May 25, 2010 at 9:34 am #

    well actually questions are good, this is how we learn, from the information you typed, which by the way you gave a lot of good information, and due to that, I can suggest a tire, that is much better then the two you found, and probably cheaper, ( but way, way way tougher ) from the elevation stand point the rocky dirt roads, and ice and snow standpoint the bf goodrich all terrain is one of the best and one of the toughest tires available, this tire has been around for many many years, and I have yet to find anything anywhere close to the performance. besides the tread, it has about two inches of thick rubber, which makes it near impossible to puncture, I have been over sharp rocks, mud, mud snow sand you name it, I have been through it in the all terrain, it also lasts well under hard use, (the yokohama, is a good tire, but the tread is softer, it will wear much quicker) and good year, could only hope to get close to a bf good rich all terrain. I was up in the back roads of oregon, and 8 out of the ten trucks I saw, had the bf goodrich all terrain ko.
    as far as price, costco and americas discount tire had the best prices, and were within a buck or two of each other, americas discount tire has a web site, and one of the features I liked was a forum for people who gave feed back on the tires they bought, good or bad. wal mart, was not to far behind, usually 10 bucks a tire, however, if you show walmart a competitor has a cheaper tire price, they will match it. there is an online tire store, called tirerack.com but by the time you get done figuring out the tire price, the shipping price, a location of a vendor to install it, and their price for installation, plus 10 bucks extra for this, or 3 bucks for that, it was way easier to go to costco. you can go oversize some, if that’s what you want, the price goes up accordingly, all tire stores mentioned have good web sites, just type costco or what ever in the web search box and go from there, there are some good discounts on several brands the last time I looked, but that was a month or so ago. keep doing what you are doing, ask questions, do more online research, talk to people you meet with big tires on their trucks, and then decide whats best for you, best of luck