Help, Clutch broke last night!!!?

Me and my friends were coming back from the comedy club last night, and we came to our exit, and at the top of the exit ramp, my jeep stops shifting. So, me and my buddy had to wait on the others who were just up the road to come over and see what was wrong. We ended up having to push the jeep to the gas station right off the highway. My clutch is not working now? It is waiting to be looked at by the mechanic tomorrow at that gas station. Luckily we didn’t break down at the comedy club 45 min away from home, or on the highway. And, it just so happens that my jeep broke down at the exit ramp by the gas station where I get my vehicle inspected and oil changed at. Well, anyways, I have a 2003 Jeep Wrangler SE, 4 cylinder engine, either 2.4 liters, or 2.5 liters. If it is the clutch that is bad, how much will it cost for a new one, and how much is the labor? Is there any hope that something else caused the vehicle not to shift? I heard that clutches are expensive to repair. I got my vehicle back in 03, so is it just old? So, hopefully that didn’t cause the clutch to go bad? Any information will be greatly appreciated.
What I don’t understand is that the clutch worked fine on the way up to the Comedy Club, and sounded fine on the way to our exit we wanted to get off on. I also have a hydraulic clutch.
I was able to shift the gears when the car was off.

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One Response to Help, Clutch broke last night!!!?

  1. Chango August 20, 2010 at 5:39 am #

    Try being more specific, does the pedal flop around? If the car is off can you shift into all your gears? etc. Your problem could be no clutch fluid, maybe you have to bleed the system, that’s a cheap fix. The clutch master cylinder could have gone out (don’t know pricing on that one). If it is the clutch, plan on spending upwards of $300. As for the suddeness of this, some car parts gradually wear and some will just plain stop working.