Help me with a question on replacing my 03 Durango tires please!?

I have a 2003 Durango, 4.7, 4×4 SLT model with about 50K on it. I have the original OEM Goodyear Wrangler tires, which suck in rain and ride terrible but here’s the deal. They are the P265/70R16s and it seems as though everything I see for this vehicle is a P245/70R16. I’m only getting 14-15 mpg and that’s highway! The mileage has sucked since we bought it new and we just thought it was because it was a mopar. Anyway… I found some reviews and it seems as though everyone recommends the Yokohama Geolander H/T SG051 for my vehicle. I can’t find it in a P265 only a P245. My husband thinks the smaller wall will look stupid on his baby… any thoughts or comments…THANK YOU!!!
Thanks Mike B. No I understand I just mistated…thanks for your answer… is it possible that it will improve my mileage to have the different tire on ?

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2 Responses to Help me with a question on replacing my 03 Durango tires please!?

  1. Mike B June 14, 2009 at 9:57 pm #

    I hope you know that the first number (ex. P265) means the horizontal width of the tire, not the vertical tallness of the side wall. The middle number, 70, is what determines the tallness of the tire. The reason I am posting this is because towards the end of your description, you said "…thinks the 'smaller wall' will look stupid…" and the first number has nothing to do with the tallness of the sidewall, it has to do with the horizontal width of the tire. Anyway, let me know if this changes your question? Oh and by the way, the width between a 265 and a 245 isn't really that much different. The only way you could tell is if you had two cars side by side and you stared at them for a while. Hope I didn't confuse you too bad! Good luck.

    —No, it wont help your gas mileage very much at all. The tire might be a pound lighter because it has less rubber than the one's on your car now, but it is not light enough to make a noticeable difference in gas mileage. Hope this helps.

  2. Jecht June 14, 2009 at 9:57 pm #

    On the dodge dakota you can run 245 or 265. so cant see why you cant run 245 on your rango. I have heard getting slight better gas mileage with 245. but you have a durango and for some reason they get worse gas mileage than a quad cab dakota with the 4.7 like mine. I get in mine 15 to 17 city and 20 to 24 hwy.

    as far as looks i doubt he could really tell.