Hi-Lift Jack: Everything You Need to Know

hi-lift jacks

Off-roading is becoming a very popular sport. Being a driver of an off-road machine is a constant challenge, and you don’t know what’s going to show up on your next drive. Even when you are driving on the same trail, the conditions can be significantly different at any given moment. As such, when you are driving on the trails, you should be ready for any kind of eventuality. One of the most basic tools that must be present in any 4-wheel drive machine is a Hi-Lift jack. What are Hi-Lift Jacks, why do you need to have one, and how can you buy the right one? This buyer guide would answer all that and more.

A Hi-Lift Jack is one of the most versatile 4×4 tools you can find out there. Existing for more than 100 years, this versatile tool is used for all kinds of purposes. It can be used for common 4WD maneuvers such as lifting, winching, clamping, pushing, and pulling. Even if this tool has existed for more than a century, it is still very useful. Even with the presence of more modern lifting and winching tools, a lot of off-road specialists still recommend and use the trusty Hi-Lift Jack. No matter which trail you travel, this tool will never let you down.

The main role of Hi-Lift Jacks is to lift a 4×4 vehicle above obstacles. Various kinds obstructions such as rocks, mud, and potholes can get your truck stuck and immobilize even trucks with great 4WD and suspension systems. The jack can be used to lift the front or rear of the vehicle so that it can make it back to firm terrain. It requires no power to use, meaning you can use this even when there are no plugs or energy sources available. Most models are capable of lifting up to 7,000 lbs. — more than enough to carry a full-size truck with a full load.

So what should you look for if you’re on the market for a Hi-Lift Jack? The first thing you must check is the originality. While there are many ways to tell if a Hi-Lift is original or not, the main factor you should look at is the construction. Legit jacks have a two-piece handle and a socket design that’s made to withstand heavy-duty use. Both of these features ensure that your jack would last a very long time. Also, there are three options available for you: the entry-level cast/steel, the sturdier all-cast, and the top-of-the-line X-Treme. Your choice would depend on the size of your truck and how often you go on off-road rides.

The Hi-Lift Jack has become an indispensible tool for all 4×4 enthusiasts. Incredibly useful for off-roading purposes, this tool also has functions that go beyond the trail. This is definitely one of those tools you can’t do without. If you’re in the market for one, remember the tips from this buyer guide. Check the build of the jack, verify its authenticity, and learn how to use it correctly!

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