2 Responses to How can I get 4×4 jeep cherokee magazine parts, free?

  1. Steve A aka StvDiego May 26, 2009 at 3:10 pm #

    Are asking how to get free parts for your Cherokee? If that's what you're asking it takes time and knowing a lot of the right people.

    Get active in local clubs, make all the events, meet the vendors, go to all the trade shows and talk with vendors and suppliers, ask questions, get to know the local fab shops and it helps if you work in the industry.

    Your reputation and personality are the biggest factors in getting in line for parts. You have to sell yourself and just as importantly your rig. No reputable vendor is going to put their product on a rig that is beat up and not taken care of. They want their product to be showcased and used. The vendors do give products away, but they expect a return on the investment, it's advertising and marketing for them, not altruism.

    A lot of vendors are also looking for product testing. Best way is to be seen using your rig safely and sanely. Most vendors don't want someone running their product for advertising by someone who just tears it up for nothing. They want real world testing with a lot of feedback so they can market their product to the consumer.

    They're out there, but it'll take some work on your part, don't expect a $4000 axle to fall into your lap, it takes time and effort, but it happens. Free products are not a free-ride, expect to put out some effort, but if you get in the loop you'll be surprised what comes your way.

  2. aamcomcd May 26, 2009 at 3:10 pm #


    Here's where I get mine from.