How do I replace the front brake rotors on an 1989 F150 4×4?

I have the calipers off, and the front hub partially disassembled, (removed the C washer, the spring retainer ring, and part of the gear assembly, but I have been unable to finish getting the rotor off to replace it. Apparently I am missing at least one step. Is there an axel nut to remove as well, or maybe something else? Also, the parts website said the hub assembly had to be "pressed" on and off. What does that entail? Thank you!

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2 Responses to How do I replace the front brake rotors on an 1989 F150 4×4?

  1. y4 November 19, 2010 at 9:42 am #

    yes there is an axle shaft nut that needs to be removed (if your has manual hubs there are two nuts with a washer inbetween). There is also a large clip around the inside perimeter of the hub assembly that should be retaining the remainder of 4×4 hub (I’m not sure if you have this completely removed). Once the nuts are removed one wheel bearing will basically fall out in your hands. After rotor/hub assembly is removed you need to remove wheel studs (install lug nuts and pound out with hammer). Install on new rotor in reverse procedure. This would be the ideal time to pack wheel bearings with new grease (would require a wheel seal). Remember do not tighten axle nuts too tight during assembly

  2. ponce_76us November 19, 2010 at 9:42 am #

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