How to choose the right size truck tires for what i want to do?

I have recently bought a 2003 GMC sierra 1500 4×4 , at the moment and for the next few days it is in the shop getting some small work done. In the meantime i would like to choose some new tires and rims for my truck. I was first curious to know what the biggest size tire this truck will hold (i would like to have large tires without putting a bodylift or suspension lift) i also like the look of wide tires ,so that brought me to my next question, what is the widest rim i could have on this truck. I am trying to aviod installying a bodylift or suspension lift but i really would like the large wide tires.

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  1. gejandsons May 24, 2009 at 5:08 am #

    You will have to check for clearance in the fender well area when the tires are turned all the way right & left. Wider & larger tires may hit the bumper, the suspension, & the rear part of the front fender. Rims with a different offset will cause the same problems. Looking at other vehicles like yours will give you a good idea. Local 4WD shops have trucks to look at & owners that will be glad to talk about their truck & the modifications needed for specific tire & wheel combos