I am looking to invest in a 1993 ish toyota 4×4 is there a model i should look for?

Iv seen alot of toyota pickups 4×4 around 1993 and i cant seem to find a model for them?? I want to make a mudd bogger but its hard to look if i aint got a model is there even a model for a short bed 4×4 toyota pickup around 1985-1993???

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  1. Holey Mufflers June 27, 2011 at 7:52 pm #

    the pu’s are called a hilux. only body options were ext cab. they did have an SR5 and DLX trim option.

    85 to 93 is cool. 85 beginning the 22R(E). 95.5 would be my cut off year. that’s the last of the forgiving ecu’s. modding a 6 to a turbo for instance. the ecu won’t even blink. the bodies between 93-95 aren’t all that much diff.

    long/short bed options went std long bed (n.america) somewhere during the 70’s i think. not to be confused with taco’s.

    the last year for SAS (solid axle up front/N.America only), was 86. after that was IFS.

    this might help you narrow it down. a little DIY FAQ on those puppies.

    bobbing beds, modding/swap motors, upgrades for mudding/crawling, you name it!

    personally, i’d stay away from the V6 unless you’re thinking of turbo’s. they don’t have much more hp/torque the the I4, are heavier, with a higher center o gravity.

    the V6 also has an inherent flaw. the exhaust from the right bank is routed over the bell housing behind the heads tying into the right bank. this cooks the head gasket, valve guide seals and any hoses back there. but is great for turbo modding. the T-belt set up is a nightmare with the water pump under it all. not the best set up for maint.

    the 22 engines are bullet proof. the t-chain issue is long since solved on its predecessor. they live forever! and with the popular bolt on http://www.lcengineering.com/ 20 head/cam & exhaust upgrade, they are very, very potent.

    summary (if i could start over);
    i’d get an 85 with SAS and a 22RE. mod from there. in the end, it will be cheaper.

    owner 93 toy pu V6 4×4 3"lift 33"s