I Need Help On Trucks!!?

Alright, So Ill Be Getting My First Car Pretty Soon, And i Need Some Opinions.
I Loveee The New Ford Super Duty’s, But I Hear Alot Of Bad Things About Them.
And I Hear That The DodgeRam 2500 Is Pretty Good Too.

Can Someone Give me A Ford Vs Dodge Type Opinion. Like, List The Good And Bad Of Each?

Or If You Have A Better Truck In Mind Tell Me That.
It Needs To Have 4X4 Drive, And It Also Needs To Be Able To Pull A Horse Trailer.

I Want It To Be A 4Door Model Also.
Extended Cab Is Nice, But Not A Must

I Will More Than Likely Have It Lifted And Have Bigger Rims And Such.

No Rude Comments Please

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One Response to I Need Help On Trucks!!?

  1. hardcoredlw May 18, 2010 at 2:23 am #

    Truth about Fords — they usually stay in the shop & need repairs consistantly.

    Bad things abut dodges is that they are made from thinner metals and fiberglasses, meaning if you get into a wreck they damage easier.

    I recommend a GMC product or foreign made.