I need help with my truck!!!!!!!!?

I have a 98 silverado ls z71 4×4 ext. cab short bed it has a 3in body lift and I want to put 33×12.50×15 bfg ta ko tires on it and 15×8 wheels. My first question is will this rub? My second question is more of a problem I like the mickey thompson classic locker wheels but I don’t like the price if anybody knows of an off brand that would be cheaper that would be great. I would like polished aluminum or chrome but I would settle for black powder coat. Also is the paint in herculiner a good enough bedliner to last me for a good 5 years or should I go for the spray in bedliner. Thanks also what is the biggest rim/tire combo that would fit under this truck. I know its alot but thanks in advance.

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2 Responses to I need help with my truck!!!!!!!!?

  1. Hair Lover June 21, 2010 at 9:34 am #

    The tires should work but you never know till you try,Cooper makes a cheaper tire and I have had good luck with them. The rims are going to be about the same price. You might try finding some used wheels far a better price, Craigslists and maybe speed shops and custom truck places may have a better deal far you than buying brand new. Actually if the 33’s fit i don’t think you will want any bigger. it’s gonna kill your gas mileage.Don’t know about the herculiner.i would follow directions and make sure you have no oxidation ie rust before you apply it.

  2. seattlesailor2000 June 21, 2010 at 9:34 am #

    you should be ok with the 33/1250 on 15×8 wheels. we are running dick chepek rims and think they look good and they are about $130.00 each. one problem with running 33" tires, to keep performance and mpg you will probably need to go to lower gears. on our k10 turbo diesel when we put 33/1250 goodyear mtr’s on had to go from 373 to 411 gears to stay in power rpms.

    btw have you seen the new goodyear mtr with kevlar? this tire is pricey but getting great reviews for on hwy/off road traction even in the mud.

    hope this helps