Id like to take my new 4×4 jeep to the beach does anyone know the closest beach to sacramento ca?

please help me find a nice beach to take my kids to, we just bought a new jeep liberty 4X4 and id like to take it to a clean beach where we can camp on the beach, is there such a place?

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3 Responses to Id like to take my new 4×4 jeep to the beach does anyone know the closest beach to sacramento ca?

  1. kevinrtx May 16, 2009 at 5:54 am #


    Well, the theoretical closest point to the coast is a place about 85 miles from Sacramento to the south west. It is about 18mi north west of San Francisco city center.

    If you are coming on the 101, take a right towards 4th street and go through San Anselemo. Near Fairfax there is a turn to the left that leads to a rather curvy road that leads directly to the coast.

    I'm not sure if they allow camping and stuff in there, but I guess a 4 x 4 could give you the extra courage for adventure ☺

    On the way back, you can drive south towards Muir Beach and head to San Francisco over the Golden Gate, and back to 101, then 50 etc.

    Further south is Half moon bay but that is about 100mi away from Sacramento and there are more spots along the coast all the way down.


  2. newsmage1 May 16, 2009 at 5:54 am #

    Most people in Sacramento go to either Bodega Bay in Marin, or to Half Moon Bay on the Penninsula. The drive to Bodega is probably easier, since you avoid the Bay Area.

    Don't know about camping, though. Think you have to go further south, like south of Santa Cruz. The Bays above are fishing towns, with nice shops, and fun places to go.

  3. Zim May 16, 2009 at 5:54 am #

    My favorite beaches are New Brighton, Halfmoon Bay, and Seacliff. Those have nice stretches of sand and fewer people than most other beaches in the area. They offer camp sites, but please check with the park service before heading out as you might need to reserve your camping space. Halfmoon Bay in particular can have a waiting list for overnight spots.

    Halfmoon Bay is south of San Francisco. New Brighton is just south of Santa Cruz. Seacliff is between Santa Cruz and Monterey. The closest to you would be Halfmoon Bay, but the others are well worth the extra drive.