I'm looking for a good 4×4/4 cylinder suv/crossover or hatchback?

I’m looking for a decent used 4×4/4 cylinder vehicle. I’m not interested in your standard four door car. I have test driven the Honda Element, the Scion, and the Nissan Cube. They were out of my price range which is 10 grand.

I’m having a difficult time finding anything older than 2009 to test drive. I have seen stuff online but I don’t know the difference between any of it. I also suck at car brands and stuff like that so I am totally confused and don’t no what to look for.

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3 Responses to I'm looking for a good 4×4/4 cylinder suv/crossover or hatchback?

  1. CL October 10, 2010 at 7:54 pm #

    Go to http://www.consumerguideautomotive.com and read up about these things. You need more help than any one person is going to be able to give you. If you want under 10 grand, you have to go to a USED car lot. It sounds like you have been looking only at NEW car lots? Use a couple of online sources to find a recommendation for you, and get out there and do your research. Nobody is going to be able to find the perfect car for you, especially when your conditions are that vague.

    I would recommend going with a car from a person rather than a dealer, as you are going to get much more for your money. In your price range, you will be lucky to get something newer than 2002, which is before the time that the small 4-cylinder SUV craze got off it’s feet.

  2. •he's my heart• October 10, 2010 at 7:54 pm #

    Ugh. I’m in the same position as we speak and just posted a question myself debating between two suv’s. It’s hard to find a good deal on a decent vehicle. I’m tired of dealing with three carseats in a car. But from what research and looking i’ve done 10,000 will be hard to come by when looking for a newer vehicle. Check used car lots and classifieds where mostly private party ads are. Kia makes the Soul which is fairly affordable brand new. Saturns are usually affordable as well. They make an suv called the Vue. Some that may be within your budget as used vehicles are: Jeep Liberty, Kia Sorento, Nissan X-Terra, Toyota 4-Runner, Honda Pilot, Ford Escape. Most of the vehicles i’ve seen under 10,000 were early 2000 models and older. Good luck. I hope you find a good deal on a great vehicle.

  3. Ra October 10, 2010 at 7:54 pm #

    You’re probably not going to get a decent new 4×4 for under 10 grand. Also, the Nissan cube is not a 4×4, it’s front wheel drive only (though it’s a fantastic little car, I’m very fond of mine).