Is Rubicon a model of Jeep or a just a 4X4 package available on jeeps?

Has the Jeep Rubicon replaced the Jeep Wrangler or does Rubicon indicate a special 4X4 upgrade package available on Wranglers? If it is just a package, what are the upgrades?
Thanks Wraith, exactly what I needed to know

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2 Responses to Is Rubicon a model of Jeep or a just a 4X4 package available on jeeps?

  1. bulldoze2005 May 12, 2009 at 3:14 pm #

    Some cool stuff about the Rubicon:

    Comes with Dana 44 axles front and rear (stronger than standard Jeep axles)

    Both front and rear axles come with air lockers. This means that when locked in, all 4 wheels are spinning versus only 2 as in regular 4 wheel drive.

    The transfercase is 4:1 low range. Combined with the 4.11 gears in the axles, it makes for a really low geared Jeep. I can put mine in and walk beside it while it puts down the road by itself.

    Also comes standard with 31" Goodyear MT tires, rocker panel protection, tow hooks and fog lights.

  2. wraith1796 May 12, 2009 at 3:14 pm #

    Its a Model of the Wrangler., It has a lot more features than the X or Sport, like better transmission, 30 inch wheels, prob load it out on the features, like fog lights, winch, sound bar. top of the line but u pay out the A$$. I can tell you all the features, but I'll have to look in my book.

    High-torque 4.0 I-6 engine, heavy duty "Rock-Trac" 4wd system W/ "Tru-Lok" front & Rear locking differentials, "Quadra-Coil" Suspension, 6 speend manual tranny, 31 inch off-road tires on 16 inch Moab cast-aluminum wheels, heavy duty drive shaft with fixed yoke kit, front and rear mounted tow hooks, fog lamps, extra wide fender flares, AC, am/fm stero radio w/ cd player and six speakers plus a subwoofer -Unlimited Rubicon-