Is there an off road tires for a 4×2 toyota?

I was wondering if there is a 4×2 off road terrain tires for a 2wd toyota tacoma because i dont want to drop it i just want to leave stock height.

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One Response to Is there an off road tires for a 4×2 toyota?

  1. Matt the MoparMan May 10, 2010 at 4:50 am #

    Yes. there are off-road tires for any vehicle, any make, model, year, etc. You do not have to modify the suspension in any way i.e lift, drop, etc as long as you get the same SIZE tire as the stock tires on your truck. the tread pattern is what makes the tire a street/sand/mud/rock tire, so that’s all you need to worry about.
    If you want to drive in mud, get Super Swampers or TSL Boggers. If you want to drive on rocks, get M/T Crawlers. If you want to drive in sand, I can’t help you, it was never my forte. If you want a good all-around tire that works in any condition i.e. street, snow, rain, mud, gravel, sand, whatever, get the Yokohama Geolandar AT/S. I’ve tried about 2 dozen different tire types and this one is by FAR the best all-around tire that works GREAT in any condition.