I've just about had it with finding a 4×4 SUV with true fold flat seats, any rec's?

What’s with idiot auto’ designers! They designed plenty of SUV’s that are silly! They’re TOO big and TOO useless since all you can haul is 4-6 humans with barely enough space to stuff your dog in the back of it. These things are decked out plush, with DVD and yadda yadda, crap I don’t need or care about (I do though want leather = easy clean). Well, some of us actually buy SUV’s for the "utility" purpose. I need a 4×4 SUV with TRUE fold flat seats (not the crap that folds at an angle due to over sized fat seats or that leaves wide gaps between rows) to max’ cargo space so I can haul equipment and 3 large (German Shepherd and 2 Lab’s) over actual off road terrain. I refuse to look at new SUV’s (no point in paying retail).

It’s funny I have a 99′ Ford Explorer Sport that is designed better than many full size crap SUV’s I’ve looked at so far (Toyota 4 Runner is another good one – up till 2002 I believe). The Explorer features a level fold flat cargo floor. I’m in laughter at the really bad SUV’s I’ve looked at that are no more than souped up passenger cars that offer little utility.

For anyone concerned about the environment, this won’t be my daily driver.
What am I looking for?
I’ve narrowed it down to the Pre-02′ Toyota 4 Runner or the Nissan Xterra (likely 2nd gen. since it has improved power, I’m told). I can’t think of any other SUV’s that actually incorporate "utility" into their design (with exception to maybe Nissan’s Pathfinder, or Toyota’s Land Cruiser, maybe the Infiniti QXR, Ford Expedition, Volvo XC90, or some of the pricey Landrovers – Majority of Landrovers I see never ever get off of the pavement LOL!).

Other SUV’s (I’m on my soapbox!) are really limited by design to only being oversized gas guzzling passenger cars with little utility! Grrr.

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One Response to I've just about had it with finding a 4×4 SUV with true fold flat seats, any rec's?

  1. c420wizzle June 16, 2010 at 5:28 am #

    My father just traded in his 2000 Toyota 4Runner SR5 4X4. ANd when you took the backeat head rests off, it folded pretty much flat.. It didnt lock into place or aynthing to make a true flat surface, but it was much better than a lot of other SUV’s. I have hauled plenty of stuff in the back of the 4Runner with no problems. It can tow a good amount of weight for a V-6, it gets very good gas mileage for it’s size (his averaged right about 19-20 mpg in mixed city/highway driving), and it is reliable as heck!! His had 250,000 miles on it when he traded it in, and it was still running and looking like it was brand new. I beat the crap out of that thing on the trails when I was a dumb teenager, and I have even hauled my buddy’s 2500HD duramax deisel out of the mud once.
    The 4Runner is a great mix of comfort and reliability, and has an awesome 4 wheel drive system, with plenty of aftermarket support if you are really into off-roading.
    You could get an early 2000’s 4Runner Limited with leather seats and decent mileage for very cheap these days.

    Im not sure what your price range is either? are you looking for cheap or expensive? new or used?