Leesburg, VA

Leesburg, VA
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>From the beltway, take Dulles Toll Road to 28 North, then make first left onto rt.606. Take that till you get to rt.621 (_if
you get to rt.50, you went a little too far_). travel on 621 for about 15 min. Its hard to describe where you turn right, but
its when the road drops and turns at the same time – its sort of a blind intersection w/ “Reservoir Road”. Turn right. *Clue*
if you cross a bridge over a wooded stream, you just passed it.

Reservoir road dead ends at the reservoir. Its been a while since I was last there – like Dec 21, 1991, 3:30 AM, 12
degrees, got stuck, walked till 5:00. *sucked*

But anyway, if you’re into mud, there some deep holes there. lots of mud, lots of gooey, sticky, looks 6 inches deep
instead of 3 feet deep sticky, gooey, left winch at home gross, well, mud. Never explored all of it (wonder why), but it
looked like maybe you could travel along a power line trail.

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