lifting an 01 chevy blazer lt? new to lifting trucks?!?

I am 16, and just got a chevy blazer for my birthday. It is a 4×4, it is at standard height , but I want it to be a little bit higher. I don’t think I really want get a lift kit and do all that stuff, but couldn’t I put lift tires on it ,that will make it bigger? how do lift tires work? forgive me, but I am just totally new to 4×4‘s, trucks, and lifting in general.

I don’t want it to be monster big. it looks like this right now :

but I want it to look something like this

what would I have to do to get my blazer likes those in the two links.


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  1. Jimney_Jelickers May 11, 2010 at 7:17 am #

    Bigger tires would maybe add an inch or two, but doing so would most likely cause them to rub.

    You have two routes, suspension lift or body lift.

    If you go the body lift route, here’s a kit:
    Pros: no change in suspension geometry, cheaper, no need for new shocks, can be installed at home (with help from a friend or two)
    Cons: noticeable gap between body and frame, tough to install (especially with rusted bolts), same articulation as stock.

    If you go the suspension lift route, here’s a link for several brands:
    Pros: more articulation, can fit taller tires than the body lift, no gap between body and frame
    Cons: costs more, tougher to install (car lift needed unless you have experience, which you don’t), needs extra parts the taller you go

    It all depends on what resources you have as well as how much you are willing to pay. If you just want a little height, I would suggest the body lift.