Looking for off-road tires?

I have a 99 2 door tahoe currently with expensive goodyear wrangler tires. ( about 300 each new ) but they are not big enough for a 3 inch body lift that i want. I currently have 275/70R/17 tires and i don’t want to spend more than 180 bucks per tire. Im just looking for nice off-road tires that would fit with my lift that i want to do. Iv seen BFG’s but they are quite expensive over 200 for the ones i want.

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One Response to Looking for off-road tires?

  1. Jon E August 27, 2010 at 4:45 pm #

    I sell tires for a living currently until I can find a better job. However, If you’re looking to spend no more then 180 a tire, that would be next to impossible if you’re looking for bigger. This may sound funny, however many people do it. Try to find used tires at junk yards. There you can expect to pay around 30-100 a tire depending on the tire. Otherwise, I could only recommend stay away from Goodyear, Michelin, pirelli, and B.F.Goodwrich and the other expencive brands. However, the BF A/T T/A’s are more then likley going to be your best bet for cheapest brand new.