3 Responses to looking to buy a 4×4 suv… 2007 xterra "S" ford xlt or gmc envoy which is best and why?

  1. Morey000 November 5, 2010 at 10:18 am #

    The Xterra will be the best off road of those three.
    The Envoy will be the best looking, have the most comfortable ride, and be the most luxurious (XLT model). Not great for serious off road- but fine for light stuff. It’s at the end of its market life- as the current model started in 2002.
    The Ford- somewhere in between.

    All depends on your needs. If you need real 4×4- look at the Grand Cherokee as well. I’m not a 4-Runner fan, but they’re solid vehicles. For family hauling- you might want to consider a crossover vehicle. Lighter, better handling, better mpg.

  2. 98' Vortec November 5, 2010 at 10:18 am #

    if it’s a 4×4 go with the older SUV’s the newer vehicles have IFS if it’s a newer 4×4 you want go with the new Toyota Land Cruiser it’s got power plenty of ground clearance and very stylish looks to it but if it’s a true 4×4 you want go with something from 1999 and back

  3. InjunRAIV November 5, 2010 at 10:18 am #

    Which is best ‘for what’? Looking for fuel mileage? Off roading capability? Hauling groceries? Kids? Canoes? Trailering? Safety? Comfort? Convenience? The variables are endless!

    I sell Envoys – they are great vehicles and my customers love them. They have the best warranty of the bunch, with standard 5 year / 100,000 mile powertrain, roadside assistance, and courtest transportation.

    Envoy has more power (291 HP / 277 lb-ft), Onstar, Stabilitrak, Autotrac 4wd, 100,000 mile spark plugs, Oil life monitor, Locking differential, etc.

    Without knowing your situation, I can’t help you determine which is best for you. All I can say is you need to determine your needs, and find the vehicle that best meets them.